Dog Kennels made in the UK


Why Choose Us?

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a great dog kennel? Well this is a question that we frequently asked ourselves as we developed our unique kennel system. There are many different companies out there building a a range of kennels from a wide spectrum of materials and at widely fluctuating prices. Some of these kennels will leak, some will be freezing cold in winter and sweltering in summer, some will not last for any length of time and will need continual maintenance and will need to be replaced very quickly.

At KennelSpace we believe we sell a kennel system that has numerous advantages over the other manufacturers, this offers our customers a great opportunity to get a good return on their investment.

Structural System

Our kennels have been approved and tested as structural kennels, this means that they are stronger and more durable than other systems. As our weather systems fluctuate the UK weather can be extremely diverse, so we wanted our kennels to survive extreme high winds and large heavy snowfall. Our roof system is designed to hold in excess of 24inches of snowfall and other kennels cannot make this claim.

Highly Insulated

We offer thicker wall thicknesses than any other kennels on the market , our insulated composite panels can be supplied in 40mm, 60mm and 100mm thick walls and roof system so this makes our kennels the warmest available, this will keep any heating costs to a minimum in a cold spell and of course very cool for your dogs in the summer months. Our kennels are the most thermally efficient kennels on the market.


Due to the best insulation available, our kennels are naturally quieter than other companies as the system has excellent acoustic properties. At our stand at the recent Crufts show customers couldn't believe just how quiet it was when they stepped inside the kennel. If you have noisy dogs or issues with your neighbours over noise, then our kennels can be a real godsend. our kennels are the quietest on the market.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the nature of the composite it is not only extremely hard wearing but so easy to clean. The wipe clean surfaces are really easy to maintain and ensure that harmful mites and bacteria can be easily dealt with. This is great news if you are looking for a breeder kennel but even better news if you are running a boarding kennel where time is money.


We all love our dogs and want them to stay fit and healthy, for this reason we chose a material that is really easy to clean and maintain. Also thanks to our unique sealing system you will not experience cross contamination from one bay to the next, this is a really important benefit especially if you get a poorly dog or need to look at a quarantine kennel.

High Security

Whether you are looking after your own dogs or someone else's, dogs are valuable assets and not something that you would like to lose. Our kennel doors are fitted with substantial barrel locks where the kennels can be securely locked, in the six years we have been manufacturing these systems we have never had an issue with security at any of the installed kennels. Our kennels are the most secure on the market.


Our kennels our built to last, we often see many other types of kennels out there where the walls flex and are very thin, eventually an aggressive will burst through these systems. Our kennels are designed for strength and to last for many years to come, we want our customers to get the long term benefits from choosing a KennelSpace kennel.