Campaign to address home dog boarding issues

Replica-HouseA campaign to tackle the lack of licensing by home dog boarding services is being tackled by the Pet Industry Federation. This growing area of dog boarding currently allows people to set up a business to keep other peoples dogs in their home and currently operates well under the radar totally unlegislated. All boarding kennels and catteries require a licence from their local authority to allow them to trade and it is this disparity between the two arenas which is a growing concern.. The rapid rise of home boardng is a major threat to the dog boarding industry and surely all dogs will benefit from a tighter control of these home boarding establishments.

A working committee of the Canine Feline Sector council, instigated and chaired by the PIF to examine this issue in detail, comprising charities such as the Dogs Trust, RSPCA, The Kennel Club and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. PIF chief executive Nigel Baker said: “It’s not right that kennels and catteries have to obtain a licence and adhere to strict criteria in order to run their business, while many home-boarders operate under the radar.
“Equally though, home-boarders, by their very nature, should be judged by a different set of criteria to those of kennels and catteries. It’s this disparity that can ultimately compromise animal welfare and is what the group aims to remove, in the absence of any new legislation. We are delighted that so many high-profile organisations have agreed to get involved in the working party; it highlights how important this issue is.”

In recent times dog boarding has grown considerably taking away significant business from licensed boarding kennels and yet they do not adhere to any legislation whatsoever and their are growing concerns that the welfare of dogs can be put at risk from businesses that operate with no guidelines or monitoring.

The new committee set up to challenge these issues has already met and hopes to draw up a plan which can then be followed and implemented by the local councils.

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